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Basque Engineering and Science delivers off the shelf and custom automated frozen aliquoting solutions to the scientific community to preserve sample integrity, increase sample utilization and support major R&D initiatives.

CXT 350 / CXT 353 Benchtop Frozen Aliquotters

CXT 350 / CXT 353 Benchtop Frozen Aliquotters

Targeted acquisition of frozen tissue sections and frozen aliquotting of feces, serum, plasma, and whole blood eliminate freeze-thaw cycles for improved sample stability.
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CXT 425 Frozen Aliquotter

CXT 425 Frozen Aliquotter

Designed for deposits into 96 micro well places. Destination tube racks can be customized to fit specific tube type requirement. Holds up to 24 probes.
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Custom Capabilities

Benchtop Frozen Aliquotters

We design custom system solutions and work flows for your emerging research applications.
We can take parts of existing methodologies and engineer a custom solution to fit your needs.
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CXT 350/353 Frozen Fecal Sample Aliquotting

CXT 350/353 Frozen Sample Aliquotting

Wheaton Frozen Tissue Aliquotting



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