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Basque Engineering and ScienceBasque Engineering and Science delivers off the shelf and custom automated frozen aliquotting solutions to the scientific community to preserve sample integrity, increase sample utilization and support major R&D initiatives.

Basque Engineering and Science’s mission is to improve the quality of scientific data that helps advance important life-science research and development through technology solutions that preserve biospecimen integrity. The company’s proprietary technology platform provides to the global medical research community repeated and safe access to frozen biosamples to advance research and discovery. Basque Engineering and Science’s automated solutions enable frozen biospecimen aliquotting from frozen tissue, biofluids and other unique, high-value biospecimens – eliminating their potential degradation due to thawing, maximizing biosample integrity, and optimizing scientific outcomes. Basque Engineering & Science’s products support various critical applications in genomics, proteomics, human gut microbiome research, research pathology, analytical chemistry and QA/QC.

Basque Engineering and Science was formed by former employees of Cryoxtract Instruments who had been with the company for many years and were part of the original engineering and science teams who developed the CXT 350/353 from conception.

The core team is a made up of engineers and scientists with years of experience in the conception, development, and validation/verification of multiple automated platforms in the medical, life science and industrial fields working for companies such as Innovex, Instrumentation laboratories and Cryoxtract Instruments. Combined, this team has been providing commercial solutions for the scientific community for more that 30 years with ongoing relationships with those end users post-installation, sales and support.

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